Erin Amaral has been actively involved with AAIE over 10 years. She started out as an attendee until Bill put site and a vision of leadership and volunteerism intoher head. After many years of encouragement, she came on to the board of directors, listened and participated and helped in many aspects of AAIE. When asked to take the next step and become the leader she said yes and served as our president for 2 terms. Erin has been a tremendous asset helping us grow and encouraging others to volunteer for AAIE. Her volunteerism is the epitome of what a MEMBER of the year represents commitment dedication and unwavering support Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for AAIE. 



Life Time Achievement Award

The newest recipient of the AAIE lifetime achievement award, Devin Carroll has long been active as an AAIE contributor and leader

Devin was born in 1953 in Los Angeles and grew up in the San Fernando Valley.  In the days of his youth he found joy in and developed much skill at playing the piano (like his grandmother).  He started his college education at U.C. Santa Barbara, where he met his future wife – Claire.  He earned B.S. & PhD. Degrees from U.C. Riverside in 1975 & 1979, respectively.  His major professor was Bob Luck and his dissertation work was carried out at the Lindcove research station on California red scale on twigs, leaves and fruit.  A five-year Post-Doc at the Tree Fruit Research Center in Wenatchee, WA followed; there Devin studied Apple aphid population dynamics and their biological control.

When the Post-Doc ended, no suitable jobs in the field of entomology could be found, so Devin and family moved to the San Joaquin Valley, where he worked as a public school teacher for several years.  Next, Devin moved back to entomology when he did one season of grape pest management near Bakersfield.  Former AAIE board member Greg Gaffney then hired Devin to work at Bio-Ag Services, based in Fresno.  Devin stayed with Bio-Ag for 29 years.

Devin’s role at Bio-Ag soon morphed into that of a keystone.  He mentored many interns and new recruits there over the years and saw to it that our staff had access to essential information & advice necessary to well serve our clients.  He was a good source of “brain-picking”.  His deep curiosity about the natural world served to motivate him to seek out needed knowledge which he freely shared for the good of the pest management field.  Thus, he became learned about spiders and ants found in vineyards.  He spent many seasons trying to perfect an effective ant bait for use in vineyards.

Another one of Devin’s qualities which has benefitted Bio-Ag & AAIE has been his humble willingness to share about both his failures (rare, of course) and successes in pest management.  Although now officially retired from field work, Bio-Ag staff are grateful that he will be available for consultation for the 2018 season.

Devin has demonstrated considerable devotion to AAIE.  He joined AAIE in 1990 and served as a board member for 14 years (starting in 1998).  He headed the Constitution Committee, improved the website and oversaw growth of the list server.  He was Conference Chair in 2001 & 2016 and served three times as AAIE President.

 Devin has accomplished much in his career; some of the highlights are the following:  He authored pest management guidelines for pomegranates, persimmons and blueberries.  He developed organic pest management methods for citrus, grapes, apples, stonefruit, and other crops.  He developed effective ant baits which he has tried to make legal.  Devin developed grape mildew control without sulfur dust to improve biocontrol of mites, leafhoppers and mealybugs.  Devin studied management & biocontrol of grape & vine mealybugs, with special interest in midge maggot and Nephus beetle mealybug predators.  Devin figured out that thrips are wrongly blamed for grape scars that are really caused by sulfur applied during bloom.  Last but not least, Devin improved interpretation of grape bud analysis and helped to develop better methods to control grape bud mites.





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