Steve McIntyre, Owner, Monterey Pacific, Inc., e-mail: [email protected]



In 1982 Steve McIntyre received his master’s degree in enology from California State University, Fresno.  In 1982 he and his wife Kimberly moved to Carmel Valley, California to develop Galante Vineyards and Winery. In late 1983 Steve took a position with Smith & Hook Winery in Soledad, Calif. as an Assistant Winemaker, later returning to his agrarian roots to become viticulturist in 1985. 


In 1992 Steve and Kimberly started Monterey Pacific, Inc., a viticulture management and development company, which rapidly grew from 432 acres to become the 7th largest vineyard management company in the U.S. at over 12,000 acres. 


Monterey Pacific currently grows or manages grapes for such notable wineries as Wrath, Le Mistral, Morgan, Bernardus, Testarosa, Muira, Ventana, La Rochelle, Hahn, J. Lohr, Kendall Jackson and Constellation Wines US to name a few of the approximately 50 wineries provided for.


While producing grapes in a responsible and sustainable manner Steve and Kim decided to apply the skills they had learned over nearly two decades to something more personal.  In 2000 they released their first wines under the McIntyre Vineyards label.  The wines reflect their acquired experience, combined with fanatically grown grapes from multiple appellations. The project has provided focus to their life’s passion.  Presently, all McIntyre wines are certified sustainable under the SIP certification program, a program Steve helped found in 1998.


In 2002, along with partners Mike Filice and Eric Laumann, Steve cofounded the Monterey Wine Company in King City, California. This 12,000-ton state of the art custom wine processing facility developed a reputation for first class customer service and technological prowess. Among its many notable accomplishments MWC was the first commercial winery in the US to introduce Flash détente to the wine industry.


Steve received the Wine Grape Grower of the Year from the California Association of Wine Grape Growers in 2013.


Steve is an appointed member and past chairman of the CDFA Pierces Disease Board, Chairman of its Research Screening Committee; elected board member of the Salinas Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency, a member of the California Association of Wine Grape Growers and a graduate of Class 21 of the California Ag Leadership Program. Steve and Kim have 3 children and reside in Salinas, California.


“Alternative Options to Pest Control Districts for Local Pest Issues and an Update on GWSS/Pierces Disease Board Activity”


Monterey County Grape Growers in conjunction with the County Ag Commissioner’s office are developing a private alternative to legislatively established Pest Control Districts to combat the spread of Grapvine Leafroll Virus by Vine Mealybug  in vineyards. The adoption of a cooperation agreement between growers eliminates the need for local resolutions and state legislation to establish traditional Pest Control Districts. 


The GWSS/ Pierces Disease Board has broaden the scope of its research efforts to include several additional pests and diseases. This discussion will provide an overview of current and future efforts to control PD as well as the status of research related to other pests and diseases.