Jose Bueno, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist), California DPR, Enforcement Branch, e-mail: [email protected]

Jose Bueno has been with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Enforcement Branch since 2006. He has worked with the Department as an Environmental Scientist, and a Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist). He has been assigned as an Enforcement Branch Liaison to various County Agricultural Commissioner’s (CAC) in the Central Valley and the Coastal areas of California.  Jose provides training, guidance, and oversight on pesticide related matters for county agricultural inspectors and biologist.

Jose Bueno grew up in the central valley of California to a farm worker family that lived and worked the same farm.  He graduated with a BS from California State University, Fresno (2000) and worked as a vineyard manager/farm supervisor until he began employment with the Madera County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.  Jose worked as an Agricultural/Standards Inspector with the Madera CAC Office until he began employment as a Senior Pesticide Use Specialist with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation in 2006.

“Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites Regulations”

The Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites regulations, effective date January 1, 2018, require that property operators provide annual notification to public K-12 schools, child day care facilities, and county agricultural commissioners of what pesticides are planned to be applied for the production of an agricultural commodity to sites located within ¼ mile of the schoolsite or licensed child day care facility.  In addition, certain pesticide application methods, for the production of an agricultural commodity, are prohibited near these schoolsites or child daycare facilities at certain times.