2021 Hybrid Conference
Live in person Nov 10-12, 2021 
Visalia Convention Center


Live Sessions  

November 18, 2020
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Orchard-Nut Roundtable Discussion
Via Gotomeeting

Michael Devencenzi, President, Devencenzi Ag Pest Management and Research & Robert Beede, Farm Advisor Emeritus, Kings County, Carla Youndblood, PCA, Jeannie Lowrimore, Pacific Biocontrol

November 19, 2020
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Grape Panel/ Roundtable Discussion
Via Gotomeeting

Max Jehle, President, Ag Consultants Inc., Chris Storm, Vino Farms, David Langone, PCA

November 20, 2020
10:00 am to Noon

Cannabis Panel/Roundtable Discussion 
Via Gotomeeting

Dr. Diana Jerkins, Research Director, Organic Farming Research Foundation

Virtual Sessions

Available Until
December 30,  2020


Key Note

1.0 other

IPM Through The Years, The Past, The Present and the Future.

Dr. Pam Marrone

Laws and Regulations

1.0 L

DPR Director Updates and IMP Focus of DPR, Interviews with County Ag Commissioners Office

Val Dolcini, Director of DPR
Mike Devencenzi Interview Stanislaus County Ag Commissioners Office, Jon Holmquist Interview Madera County Ag Commissioners Office

.5 L

State Wide Bee Programs and Regulations

Mel Graham, Ag Commissioners Office Santa Barbara County, Statewide Bee Program

General Sessions

Navel Orangeworm in Almonds and Pistachios- results of mating disruption trials

David Haviland, Farm Advisor, UC Kern County


Spider mites in Almonds- sixspotted thrips, monitoring/thresholds based on biocontrol

David Haviland, Farm Advisor,  UC Kern County


Gill’s mealybug in pistachios- maintaining an effective IPM program when pesticides are becoming less effective

David Haviland, Farm Advisor, UC Kern County


Using Biologicals in IPM for Insecticide Resistance Management

Dr. Surendra Dara


Biologicals in IPM: Use Strategies and Field Research Examples

Dr. Surendra Dara


Spotted Lantern Fly: Why We need to Know About it Now!

Dr. Surendra Dara


Codling Moth MD Resistance

Don Thomson


Organic Institute Vision and Organic Vs Sustainable Pest Management

Dr. Huston Wilson, Presidential Director for the Clif Bar Endowed Organic Ag Institute, UC Extension  Kearney Ag Center


Tomatoes Virus Genetic Collapse

Tom Turini, Advisor, Cooperative Extension Fresno County


UCI Statewide IPM Program New staff and Focus Forward

James  (Jay) Farrar
Director, UC Statewide IPM Program


Sudden Grapevine Collapse

Dr. Akif Eskalen, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist, UC Davis


Long Term Control of Glassy Winged Sharpshooter

Dr. Neil McRoberts, UC Davis Extension


IPM in Cannabis: The Challenges in an Emerging Crop

Dr. Blair Carter, Chief Agronomy Officer, Santa Rosa Farms