Emily Smith


Emily Smith has been the Technical Sales Manager for the Western Region for Marrone Bio Innovations since October of 2016. Prior to this position she has spent the last four years as a PCA with an independent PCA company located in Napa, CA. Her focus was primarily pests and diseases in winegrapes. Emily also spent time working for a farming operation out of Napa, as well as a beneficial insectary rearing beneficial insects for biological control out of Bakersfield, CA.

Emily holds a BS degree in Viticulture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a MS degree in Plant Science from Fresno State. Her graduate work consisted of studying mites and leafhoppers and the effect of these populations under deficit irrigation in winegrapes, while working in Kent Daane’s lab at UC Kearney Ag Station.

Latest research in biological control will always be of interest to Emily and finding pesticide and insecticide solutions that make it easier and more affordable for growers to farm sustainably while not doing any harm to the beneficial insect population is her number one goal.